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      NordKapp Set LS Thermal Underwear Sterk NTUS

      Unisex | Long-sleeved t-shirt and pants set | Seamless thermal underwear


      NordKapp STERK is a unique thermal underwear with a compression effect.
      The base for sewing thermal underwear is a fabric with innovative characteristics, 15 minutes after putting on the set, the fabric adjusts to the features of the figure, fits perfectly to the body, repeating the contours of the human silhouette.
      Thanks to the close fit of the fabric to the skin, the NordKapp STERK thermal underwear provides total comfort during use.

      Characteristics of the fabric composition:

      Provides airflow to the skin.
      It retains its own body heat.
      Protect a person from overheating.
      It collects sweat and expels it from the skin.
      Reduces stress on the joints.

      Thermal underwear consists of 95% polypropylene and 5% elastane.
      Polypropylene is the best base for thermal underwear.
      Clothes made of polypropylene perfectly keep warm in winter and cool in summer, as it has the lowest thermal conductivity.

      Due to its unique composition, the kit can be easily folded, reducing its volume several times.
      When folded, bedding is easy to carry: it takes up little space in a backpack or travel suitcase.

      When developing the NordKapp STERK thermal underwear, the requirements that apply to the clothing of power unit soldiers were taken into account.
      Thermal underwear has maximum practicality and comfort.
      The sets are manufactured on Italian machines, which guarantees a high quality of tailoring.

      Design features of the NordKapp STERK thermal underwear:

      All garments included in the set do not have side seams.
      In ordinary underwear, the seams can irritate the body and cause discomfort, here this is excluded, as well as the probability that the clothes will tear at the seam.

      In areas subject to great stretches (cuffs, waistband, etc.), a high-strength polyurethane thread is used.
      This material provides high elongation without warping or tearing the fabric.

      All briefs, sweaters and briefs consist of sections with 5 different types of fiber fabric.
      Each site has the functional task of maintaining comfort.

      Thermal underwear sets have a brand that confirms the originality.
      The symbol is found at the bottom of the sweatshirt, on the waistband of the pants.
      A fine polyamide thread is used for the brand's embroidery.
      The drawing turned out to be almost flat, it does not rub the skin and does not cause irritation.

      NordKapp STERK workwear creates comfort during active and resting movements.
      Regardless of the weather conditions, a person in thermal underwear will not be cold or hot due to the unique thermoregulation system.
      The composition of the fabric not only has elasticity, it is resistant to wear and tear and dirt.
      The fabric can be easily washed if necessary and retains all properties after this procedure.
      The purchased kit will serve you for many years.

      High-tech thermal underwear: five types of fibers.
      In the design of high-tech NordKapp STERK thermal underwear, 5 types of fabric fiber weave are used:

      Aeration mesh.
      Provides improved air circulation, air access to the body.
      It is found in areas of high sweating, these are the armpits, the groin area, the back of the knees and nails, the cavity in the coccyx.

      Air pores.
      They are located in areas with less sweating on the body.
      These are the abdomen, legs and forearms.
      The pore tissue prevents sweat from flowing down the skin and collects and removes excess sweat.
      At the same time, despite the presence of pores, it retains heat well.

      This type of weaving goes from top to bottom along the spine, is present in the solar plexus area, on pants it is in the knee area.
      The gills also absorb excess sweat, using this moisture for thermoregulation.

      Located on movable joints - these are the shoulders, knees, elbows.
      Here, the fabric not only wicks away sweat and allows air circulation, but also provides support for the joints during movement, which reduces the risk of injury.
      This layer is subject to great stress, therefore it is very dense and resistant to wear.

      This braid is designed to support large muscle groups.
      The tissue in the area of the muscles of the thighs, abdomen, and forearms has a compressive effect.
      It tones the muscles and tightens them to the body.
      The range of motion is reduced, the heat consumption and the load on the joints are reduced.

      All layers and places of their abutment to each other do not cause irritation on the body, even when wearing a set of thermal underwear for a long time.
      From the inside, the sweatshirt and underpants feel like soft, warm, comfortable clothing.
      They fit well to the body, following its contours and shapes.
      Therefore, NordKapp STERK thermal underwear does not press or rub anywhere, and the fabric does not "bite".

      All 5 functional weaves of fibers work differently when the person is moving and when they are at rest.
      During movement, the fabric removes excess sweat through the pores, creating ventilation of the skin so that the person does not overheat.
      When the body is relaxed and at rest, these openings are temporarily closed, warmth is stored under the clothes.

      How to choose NordKapp STERK thermal underwear by size?
      Smart fabric fits well, but to achieve the desired effect, you should choose a set of your size.
      The elasticity of the fabric has limits, so don't buy clothes that are too small or oversized.
      Women and girls with a fragile physique should choose a set one size smaller.

      Thermal underwear NordKapp STERK is unisex, it has a neutral color that follows the contours of any figure.

      Size XXS (42) XS (44) S (46) M (48) L (50) XL (52-54) XXL (54-56) XXXL (56-58) XXXXL (60-62)
      Breast volume, cm 80-84 84-88 90-94 96-98 102-104 108-110 116-120 126-130 130-148
      Waist, cm 60-66 68-72 74-78 80-84 86-90 92-96 100-104 110-114 114-120
      Hip girth, cm 82-86 86-90 92-96 98-102 104-108 110-114 118-122 128-132 132-140

      Country of origin: Finland
      Material: 5% elastan 95% polypropylene
      # NTUS

      Product TypeLong Sleeve Set, Thermal Underwear
      SizeS, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
      ColorBlack, Blue, Green
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