Nike Volleyball Shoes Air Zoom Hyperace 2.0 AR5281-400

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      Nike Volleyball Shoes Air Zoom Hyperace 2.0 AR5281-400

      Volleyball | Men's Shoes


      Designed for action on hard courts, the Nike Men's Air Zoom HyperAce 2 Volleyball Shoe helps keep you light and fast on your feet with a breathable upper and responsive cushioning.

      The Nike AirZoom Hyperace 2 is a technical and lightweight indoor shoe with perfect damping. By using the right colors combined with the Nike logo, this shoe has a sharp and sporty appearance.

      Features and benefits
      - TPU heelcounter provides enough comfort and firmness
      - Made with small, self-breathing holes that keep your feet cool, dry and active
      - The forefoot has some sort of airbag that gives an even better feeling while turning or moving quickly
      - The back of the shoe fits sporty to the heel and won't let you slide

      # AR5281-400

      Product TypeShoes
      Size (US)9.5, 10
      Weight (KG)0.8 kg
      ColorBlue, Violet