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      Mikasa Volleyball Ball VSG


      Glowing ball Mikasa VSG for beach volleyball.

      A ball with glow-in-the-dark panels for those who can't stop playing after dark!
      The GLO material retains artificial light, so that the ball in the dark gives a fluorescent effect.
      The longer the ball is charged in the light, the longer you can enjoy the game in the evening.

      Ball cover made of 18 panels.
      Made of special durable PVC synthetic leather, which is a guarantee of excellent quality.
      Butyl chamber, machine stitched panels.

      The striking design along with excellent playability makes these balls one of the most popular MIKASA amateur balls.
      In the production of models in this series, MSPT technology is used - Mikasa® Soft Play Technology - an additional layer of foam between the synthetic leather tire and the chamber for greater softness of the ball and, as a result, more comfortable play.
      Glows in the dark.
      The FIVB Official logo is the official FIVB standard for volleyballs.
      TPE synthetic leather, butyl bladder, machine stitched, size #5.

      SMART GLO technology (Unique Glow in the Dark Design).

      Chamber Material: Butyl
      Camera Winding Material: Nylon
      Material: Soft synthetic leather (PVC)
      Weight: ‎0.26-0.28kg
      Circumference: 66-68cm
      Ball size: 5
      Main color: Green
      Optional color: Blue
      Level: Amateur
      Panel Connection Type: Machine Stitching
      Number of panels: 18
      # VSG

      Weight (KG)0.3 kg
      Product TypeBalls
      Numeric Sizes5