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      Mikasa Volleyball Ball VS170W


      The cover of the ball is made of soft TPE (polyvinyl chloride with the addition of elastomer) synthetic leather that is soft and velvety to the touch, resistant to external influences.
      The butyl chamber perfectly retains the air pumped into it.
      The panels are connected by gluing.
      The ball has a bright color, due to which it is easy to track.
      Recommended for indoor games.

      All balls are shipped flat or deflated from the factory for safe handling and storage.
      Before use, it is necessary to inflate the ball to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

      Made from soft synthetic leather.
      Butyl chamber reinforced with a layer of fabric.

      The ball is lightweight - weight is 160-180 grams, therefore it is suitable for playing by children and teenagers not older than 12-13 years.
      Glued, butyl chamber, reinforced with fabric lining, size 5, 18 panels.

      The ball is FIVB certified - FIVB Inspected certificate.

      Recommended for indoor play, as the synthetic foam the ball is made of is a very "delicate" material.

      Material: Composite
      Package weight: ‎0.18kg
      Ball size: 5
      Country of origin: Thailand
      # VS170W

      ColorBlue, Green, Pink
      Weight (KG)0.18 kg
      Product TypeBalls
      Numeric Sizes5