Madwave Wetsuit Neoprene OPNWTR Wahoo FLS Women M2013 07

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      Madwave Wetsuit Neoprene OPNWTR Wahoo FLS Women M2013 07

      Open Water Swimming | Women's Wetsuit


      The new generation WAHOO open water wetsuit is the result of a fusion of advanced technology and the desire to find a balance between functionality and comfort.

      The wetsuit is made from premium Japanese Yamamoto #39 neoprene.
      This type of neoprene has unsurpassed softness and wear resistance.
      Yamamoto neoprene is made from natural limestone and does not cause allergic reactions even in people with the most sensitive skin.

      The thickness of the neoprene in each part of the suit is selected taking into account its functional characteristics.
      Thinner, more stretchy neoprene provides a natural range of motion when swimming, while thicker neoprene provides optimal buoyancy and thermoregulation.

      The main parts of the suit in the abdomen, chest and front thighs are made of innovative Dimple skin fabric with a thickness of 4.5 mm.
      This thickness of neoprene provides buoyancy and a high position of the legs and body.
      Dimple skin technology has created a durable yet flexible neoprene fabric that is more resistant to punctures by nails or hard objects.
      The cellular structure of this fabric reduces water resistance, improves gliding and increases swimming speed.
      The internal smooth UT (Ulter Tender) coating prevents abrasion and snags and allows you to quickly take off and put on the suit.

      The rest of the suit is made from Yamamoto #39 SCS neoprene.
      Its ultra-technological SCS (Super Composite Skin) coating provides maximum glide.
      The SuperStretch lining ensures a snug fit without excessive pressure or chafing.

      When developing the suit, special attention was paid to freedom of movement in the arms and shoulder girdle.
      The neoprene in these areas is only 1mm thick, so your movements will be natural and free, as if you were swimming without a wetsuit.
      The low collar fits snugly and prevents water from entering without restricting or squeezing the neck.

      Designed for swimming in cold waters with a water temperature of +12ºC.

      The WAHOO wetsuit from Mad Wave is the perfect choice for training, triathlons and open water swimming.
      Yamamoto neoprene, innovative technology and attention to detail ensure you feel comfortable and free while achieving the best results.
      Don't swim, but conquer the water!

      Yamamoto #39 neoprene – premium Japanese neoprene is characterized by high elasticity, excellent thermal insulation and durability;
      Neoprene of variable thickness - different thickness of neoprene in different functional areas of the wetsuit;
      Innovative Dimple skin fabric - the cellular structure of the fabric reduces resistance to water flow, provides higher speed and efficiency of movements;
      Internal coating UT (Ulter Tender) – a smooth coating that makes it easy to take off and put on the suit;
      External coating SCS (Super Composite Skin) is a hydrophobic and wear-resistant coating that significantly reduces water resistance and increases the swimmer's speed;
      YKK ZIPPER zipper (Japan) – allows you to unfasten the wetsuit even with one hand;
      For cold swims - suitable for swims in water from +12ºC degrees.

      XS | hip circumference 85-91 | waist circumference 70-74 | height 157-170 | chest girth 85-91 | weight 56-61
      S | hip circumference 91-95 | waist circumference 74-78 | height 162-170 | chest girth 90-95 | weight 61-66
      SL | hip circumference 93-97 | waist circumference 76-80 | height 167-175 | chest girth 92-98 | weight 67-74
      M | hip circumference 95-99 | waist circumference 80-84 | height 173-185 | chest girth 95-100 | weight 68-76
      ML | hip circumference 97-102 | waist circumference 82-86 | height 177-190 | chest girth 98-104 | weight 75-82
      L | hip circumference 102-106 | waist circumference 86-92 | height 180-188 | chest girth 104-108 | weight 82-89
      XL | hip circumference 108-112 | waist circumference 94-100 | height 182-190 | chest girth 114-120 | weight 98-109

      Material: nylon 2%, neoprene 98%
      # M2013 07

      Weight (KG)2.1 kg
      SportSwimming, Triathlon
      Product TypeSwimwear
      SizesXS, S, SL, M, ML, L, LL