Madwave Bag Waterproof M1129 08 Toxic

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      Madwave Bag Waterproof M1129 08 Toxic

      Accessory | Swimming Pool | Wet Bag


      Waterproof bag for wet things WET BAG TOXIC with a zipper is designed to transport wet equipment or protect dry things from contact with wet ones.
      Compactly fits in a backpack without taking up much space.
      Available in two sizes.
      The 3 liter bag easily accommodates goggles, a cap, as well as shower accessories for showering after the pool.
      In addition to small training accessories, you can put a wet swimsuit or swimming trunks in a bag with a volume of 7 liters.
      The presence of a loop makes it easy to carry the bag and place it on a hook in the shower.

      Water resistance - reliable protection of dry things from wet ones;
      Practicality - thanks to its voluminous shape, the bag contains all the necessary accessories for the pool and shower;
      Compact size - fits easily into a backpack or gym bag.

      Material: Vinyl
      # M1129 08 0 04W (3 Litres) | 0.30x0.14x0.03m
      # M1129 08 0 05W (7 Litres) | 0.44x0.21x0.06m

      Product TypeBags
      SizeM, L
      ColorWhite, Blue
      Weight (KG)0.14 kg