Madwave Swimsuit Women's Frisky Top M1460 05

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      Madwave Swimsuit Women's Frisky Top M1460 05

      Women's Clothing | Separate Swimsuit | Sports Swimming Swimwear | Antichlor


      Please note that the top and bottoms are sold separately.

      FRISKY Top with thin straps is perfect for sports and leisure, it can be combined with any FRISKY Bottom bottoms.
      The model is doubled with a lining in front, which provides a better fit and perfect shape.
      Thin straps that cross at the back give extra freedom of movement of the arms and a feeling of lightness in the water.
      The model is made of fabric from the Training series.
      Swimsuits made from this fabric are durable, dry quickly, keep their shape for a long time, and have a very durable color.
      Training fabric is soft, stretchy and pleasant to the touch, it is 20 times more resistant to chlorine and salt water than conventional fabrics, making it suitable for frequent and long workouts.
      Also, a polyester swimsuit protects against ultraviolet radiation.

      TRAINING fabric - maximum durability, perfectly keeps its shape, 100% resistant to chlorine and salt water, dries quickly;
      Thin straps - emphasize the elegance of the neck and shoulders;
      Lining - the front side of the swimsuit is duplicated with a lining.

      Material: top fabric (polyester 100%), lining fabric (polyester 95%, spandex 5%)
      # M1460 05

      Product TypeBras, Swimwear
      SizeXS, S, M, L, XL
      ColorBlack, Multicolor
      Weight (KG)0.2 kg