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      Madwave Swim Drag Shorts M0256 01

      Swimming | Workout | Strength and Endurance | Unisex Swim Shorts Brake


      The reversible DRAG SHORTS are an essential accessory for high-intensity workouts, perfect for those who are working to increase their speed.
      Brake shorts help develop strength and endurance, acting as a kind of "weighting".
      They are made from two layers of lightweight, mesh fabric that enhances water resistance, creating an extra load.
      After training in brake shorts, you will feel how much faster you can swim in a regular swim trunk and apply the same effort as before.
      The loose fit is suitable for any body type.
      Shorts can be worn over regular swim trunks or on their own.
      The model is universal - suitable for both men and women.

      Additional resistance - create additional resistance in the water, allowing you to develop strength and endurance;
      Polyester 100% - durable and wear-resistant fabric, dries quickly, does not shrink when washed, does not need ironing;
      Loose fit - do not interfere with movement, suitable for any type of figure;
      Reversible shorts - have different patterns on the front and back side.

      2XS | 40 EN | hips 84-88
      XS | 42 EN | hips 88-92
      S | 44 EN | hips 92-96
      M | 46 EN | hips 96-100
      L | 48 EN | hips 100-104
      XL | 50 EN

      Material: Polyester 100%
      # M0256 01

      Product TypeSwimwear
      Size2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL
      ColorBlack, Blue
      Weight (KG)0.15 kg