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Categories: Madwave Backpacks and Bags   Small Size Bags   Backpacks and Bags  

      Madwave Dry Mesh Bag M1118 01

      Accessory | Wet Bag


      DRY MESH BAG is a ventilated bag for wet clothes and small swimming equipment.
      The bag is made of mesh fabric, which allows air to pass through easily and allows things to dry much faster than in a regular sports bag or backpack.
      The bag is fast and easy to tighten with a strong drawstring that allows you to carry the bag on your back like a backpack.

      Material: Polyester 100%
      Size: 45x38cm; 65x50cm
      Color: Green, Blue, Red, Black
      # M1118 01

      Product TypeBags
      SizeM, L
      ColorBlack, Blue, Red, Green, Color Set 1, Color Set 2
      Weight (KG)0.19 kg