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      Madwave Cosmetic Bag M1129 07

      Accessory | Swimming Pool


      Functional roomy cosmetic bag with many pockets and compartments - a great solution for storing toiletries and cosmetics.
      The accessory is made from innovative Tyvek material developed by Du Pont.
      Moisture-proof, strong and durable fiber combines the characteristics of paper, film and fabric, providing products made of this material with maximum durability and wear resistance.
      The bag is hung on any hook and does not take up much space.
      Easy to carry thanks to the handle located on top.
      The cosmetic bag has a convenient fastener system and ergonomic design.

      Material: Tyvek - 100%
      # M1129 07 0 14W (Beige)
      # M1129 07 0 01W (Black)

      ColorBlack, Brown
      Weight (KG)0.17 kg