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      Green Hill Boxing Head Guard Five Star AIBA HGF-4012

      Boxing Headgear for International Events Approved by AIBA


      AIBA Approved Head guard for amateur boxers
      • Extended durability due to cow hide leather construction
      • Reinforced protection against injuries due to multiple padding
      • Perfect fitting due to dual and easy closure system
      • Extended ear protection
      • Comfortable feeling during training, sparring or boxing bout
      • Excellent shock absorption technology
      • Ideal for training, sparring and competition

      The most recognized and renowned hand crafted competition head guard with perfect fitting. • Made up of carefully selected cow hide leather for extended durability • Multiple padding provide extra safety and reinforced protection against injuries • Dual hook & loop easy to wear closure system for perfect fitting with chin Velcro closing • Extra padded for ear protection to boost your confidence • Hand crafted head guard with unique style prevents view obstruction • Easy and comfortable feeling when you in training, sparring or boxing bout • Special multi layered padding for shock absorption crafted for professional bouts. • Water protection with sophisticated and refined stitching for longer durability • Designed for novice athletes with additional softness provide extra cushion to young bones Material: Cow hides Leather Uses: Competition, Training, Sparring Boxing is risky contact combat sport both the fighters have to rely upon the sheer supremacy of their safety & protection. Head Guard is padded helmet worn on the head during training and sparring in contact sports. It effectively protects head against cuts, scrapes, and swelling. Safety and protection is the first priority before selecting boxing head guard for amateur boxer. Incorrect head gear as well as unprotected head may leads to serious injury. You need a head gear of proud history with stunning features which absolutely crucial whether you are training sparring or competing in a professional bout.

      The most important factor in head gear is fitting and comfort. The head guard should be special for you and you should feels confident in your protective equipment. Some head gear squeezes at the side or at the forehead and back of head. Others are too slippery or move around too much. While some has a very uneven fitting, creating small gaps between the head gear and your head, making it very wobbly when you take punches. Training, sparring or competition fight is not an easy task, it is stressful enough as it is, you should not be wearing something that distract you, irritate you, or you feel uncomfortable.

      The inside lining is also play a vital role to choose the right head gear.. Some head gear has smooth lining that allow the head gear to slide around the head during sparring while some has furry lining and some player doesn’t like it because it feels annoying. Again the best head gear should be the one which you like most and cannot move around your head.

      Visibility play pivotal role in boxing. The ultimate punch protection is complete evasion, but it’s hard to defend against punches you can’t see. Even if you still get hit, it’s crucial that you see the punch. Being able to see the punch allows you to brace for the impact or roll off the shot and also evade the follow-up punches. The more advanced boxers rely on good defence over heavy padding for protection. Visibility is determined by the cheek protectors and forehead area as well as the thickness of the padding around the front of the face. Too much padding is also not good because you’ll feel like you’re buried deep inside your headgear. Cheek protectors can be bent a little bit outwards so they don’t cover your vision too much. The player should choose the head gear in which he feel confident, don’t distract her vision, protect cheek and have perfect fitting

      Padding is cushion protective equipment which is also important. Some head gear performs well against light punches due to its soft cushion but terribly against hard punches and vice versa. On the other hand some head guard take longer to break due hard cushion. The quality does matter. In contact sports the equipment should be strong enough that the player use it for long time because low quality equipment does not last for long time and may worn in a week or two. Normally cow hide leather is the best material and will last for long time. Apart the player should examine the quality of cushion padding, chin strap, outer material, inner lining and closure system.

      The chin strap is crucial and thinnest part of the head guard, takes a lot of stress and get used the most. That’s why there are a lot of chances to fall apart, break or tear. The quality of chin of the head guard will last for long time. The chin strip should not loose enough that you feel the head gear is not tight enough. On the other hand it should not too close that it feels like you are being choked. Forehead, cheek, sides, chin and back of the head gear are the main areas of coverage. Different head guards have different constructions due to its functionality. The forehead and cheek are mostly used areas in the head gear and may affect your vision due to constantly receiving punches which should be protected properly. The side area and back of the head gear should have proper padding because it also receives punches from the opponent which should also protect.

      Size: S, M, L, XL
      Colour: Blue, Red
      Material: Leather
      # HGF-4012

      BrandGreen Hill
      Product TypeHeadgear
      SizeS, M, L, XL
      ColorBlue, Red
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