Green Hill Boxing Gloves Lace-Up Rumble BGR-22-0088

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      Green Hill Boxing Gloves Lace-Up Rumble BGR-22-0088

      Professional Boxing | Lace-up Gloves


      This professional boxing gloves is made with high-quality genuine leather.
      It also has an attractive design, an open mesh, and a lace closure, which makes it comfortable to wear.
      The stitching is done very carefully to ensure the durability and safety of the user.
      This product is great to use during training and fighting, as the leather holds up extremely well under pressure.

      Made of high-quality genuine leather Attractive design Handmade mold Professional usage for training and fight Laces closure.
      In addition, we have strengthened our stitching and reinforced every seam of this Boxing gloves to ensure long-lasting durability.
      It has one of the best wrist support structures out there with grooves for 'around the wrist' lace tie up.
      Our moisture-wicking lining and durable stitching keep your hands dry and comfortable, so you can focus on the game.
      The extra padding to the glove is great for any type of activity that requires additional protection, like sliding on a pole or performing strength training.

      Weight: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 ounces
      Country of origin: Pakistan
      Color: Black, White
      Material: Genuine Leather
      # BGR-22-0088

      BrandGreen Hill
      ColorBlack, White
      Weight (KG)0.7 kg
      Product TypeGloves
      Weight (OZ)8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz