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Categories: Fighttech Functional Training   Medicine Weighted Balls   Медицинболы  

      Fighttech Medicine Ball Crossfit MBL

      Strength | Endurance | Power | Heavy Ball | Medicine ball

      Functional Workouts | CrossFit | Fitness


      Medicine balls are used to train endurance, flexibility, development of proper breathing and explosive strength.
      Such balls can be used to equip fitness organizations of any level: from small fitness studios to large sports centers.
      A high-quality medicine ball coated with genuine leather is filled with a small knitted patch mixed with crumb rubber.
      It is possible to manufacture with individual color parameters, applying symbols.

      Material: Leather
      Weight: 1-10kg
      # MBL

      Weight (KG)1 kg
      SportCrossFit, Training
      Product TypeHardware
      Numeric Sizes1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10