Fight Expert Tape for Fingers Jiu-Jitsu FTZX-125

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      Fight Expert Tape for Fingers Jiu-Jitsu FTZX-125


      Good tapes and competent taping will help you forget about the pain associated with grips.
      When the phalanges are injured, our fingers can go sideways.
      If we fix the fingers together with the tape, then they serve as a support for each other and do not allow them to disperse.
      There is a taping option to prevent injuries of the phalanx, which is closer to the nail, and here we no longer fix 2 fingers, but work with one, the tape goes just above the nail.
      When taping, try to curl your fingers slightly with each circular motion so that your fingers bend.
      Bent and checked, do not disturb the blood circulation!
      Colored tapes can be used to apply stripes to ranking belts.
      Each tape is individually wrapped in plastic.

      Country of manufacture: China
      Color: Blue, Dark blue
      Material: made of 100% cotton and hypoallergenic glue
      Length: length 10m, width 1.25cm
      # FTZX-125

      BrandFight Expert
      Product TypeAccessories
      ColorBlue, Violet
      Weight (KG)0.1 kg