Fight Expert Boxing Focus Pads CMWX11

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      Fight Expert Boxing Focus Pads CMWX11

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      The FX Boxing series of professional equipment is designed using 3D computer modeling and made from new generation high-tech materials.
      The focus pads are made of micro-elastic leather of the new generation “FX Leather”.
      3 layers of functional foam that are responsible for cushioning and protection.
      The packing uses an elastomer, it has a high rate of elasticity and viscosity, as well as the ability to reversibly deform.
      The technology of gluing the skin to the stuffing eliminates friction between them and increases the life of the equipment.

      Colour: Black
      Size: 19x19x3cm
      Pair weight: 500g
      Material: FX Leather
      Country of origin: China
      # CMWX11

      BrandFight Expert
      Product TypePunching Mitts
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