Everlast Weightlifting Gloves EverGEL 4356

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Categories: Everlast Boxing & MMA Hand Wraps   Gel Gloves   Weightlifting Gloves  

      Everlast Weightlifting Gloves EverGEL 4356

      Weight Lifting | Boxing | Gel World Fist Wrap | Speed Wraps


      Tight bandages, which are popular among boxers of all ages and levels.
      Dress for work gloves with a pear as an alternative to bandages, increasing protection.
      They also are used for light work with a pear, paws.
      The protective coating EverGel™ provides cushioning and support the joints, hands and wrist.
      The elastic neoprene construction with rubber palm for secure grip.
      Velcro secures the bandage on his wrist.
      The outer layer of skin.

      EVERGEL™ (Everlast Technology):
      Provides cushioning and protection of joints of the fingers, hands and wrists.

      Compress-X™ (Everlast Technology):
      Special technology Compress-X reduces vibrations and reduces muscle fatigue by stimulating blood flow and suppressing the production of lactic acid in muscles.

      EVERCOOL™ (Everlast Technology):
      Ventilation and air-permeable structure that constitute the performance of the technology are the ultimate source of EverCool temperature control.

      EVERGRIP™ (Everlast Technology):
      Special technology allows Evergrip ™ grips, grab opponent's wrist, to hold and to have the full protection of training gloves during sparring.
      Recently developed synthetic technology for superior traction in the most difficult workout.

      Recommendations for Care: After use, dry.
      Material: Nylon, Neoprene
      Color: Black
      # EVERGELHW 4356 BK

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      Weight (KG)0.4 kg