Everlast Boxing Punching Mitts Mantis EVPM4

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      Everlast Boxing Punching Mitts Mantis EVPM4

      Boxing Paws Curved | Focus Pads


      This model of boxing paws has a curved shape, dense foam filling.
      The curved shape of the boxing paws allows for a greater shock absorption capacity in the anatomically correct hand position of the trainer.

      Classic paws in the form of "mantis pincers", designed for boxing training.
      The small striking surface allows you to practice your sense of timing and hone the speed of your strikes.
      High-quality leather guarantees strength and durability, well-thought-out protection of the fingers - safety during workouts, and convenient Velcro fasteners - comfort and firm fixation on the hand. In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

      The smaller surface area of the boxing paws helps to develop the boxer's coordination of movements and speed combinations of punches.
      The paws allow you to develop the accuracy and speed of the athlete's strikes.
      Made from durable leather.

      Sold in pairs.

      Material: Leather
      Color: Red / Gray (410000); Yellow / Gray (410001)
      # EVPM4

      Product TypePunching Mitts
      ColorRed, Yellow
      Weight (KG)0.6 kg