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      Everlast Boxing Gloves Powerlock PU EPPU


      Hit your target with all the power and precision using the Everlast Powerlock training gloves.
      Made from synthetic leather, these gloves provide durability and functionality.
      Using Powerlock's dynamic innovations, athletes get the hand and wrist stabilization features they need in their gear.
      A pivoting velcro system provides a secure and flexible fit.
      Breathable mesh palms and a moisture-resistant inner lining keep moisture and temperature in check during intense workouts.
      The ergonomic grip and fixed thumb allow for proper fist placement on impact to help prevent injury when you approach the bag or enter the ring.

      Features a reverse Powerlock closure with Velcro to keep hands secure with a customizable fit.
      Made from synthetic leather for durability and functionality.
      Four-layer foam core for perfect shock absorption and dispersion
      Full mesh on the palms and sweat-resistant lining to control moisture and temperature during intense workouts.
      Ergonomic grip handle and secured thumb allow proper fist placement on impact and prevent injury.

      Synthetic PU leather for durability and longevity.
      Quadruple foam provides moderate shock absorption.
      Ergonomic gripping handle ensures correct fist position on impact to prevent injury.
      Full Mesh Palm for maximum temperature control during intense workouts.
      "Turnback" hook and loop body provides a fully adjustable wrist strap with maximum support.
      Ergonomically secured thumb helps protect and prevent injury.
      Polyester foam inner lining for an extremely comfortable fit and feel.

      A) Black/Pink 10oz SKU P00000745-10; 12oz SKU P00000745
      B) White/Gold 10oz SKU P00000722-10; 12oz SKU P00000722
      C) Black/Gold 14oz SKU P00000723; 16oz SKU P00000724
      D) Black/White 14oz SKU P00000725; 16oz SKU P00000726
      E) Blue/Red 10oz SKU P00000727-10; 12oz SKU P00000727-12; 14oz SKU P00000727; 16oz SKU P00000728
      F) Red/Blue 10oz SKU P00000729-10; 12oz SKU P00000729-12; 14oz SKU P00000729; 16oz SKU P00000730

      Color: Black/Pink, White/Gold, Black/Gold, Black/White, Blue/Red, Red/Blue
      Material: synthetic polyurethane
      Weight: 10, 12, 14, 16 ounces
      # EPPU

      ColorBlack, White, Blue, Red, Gold, Pink
      Weight (KG)0.6 kg
      Product TypeGloves
      Weight (OZ)10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz