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      Everlast Boxing Gloves Fight MX Pro EVMXFG BK

      Mexican Professional Fight Gloves | MX Pro Fight Gloves


      Professional fight gloves built for boxers who favor more power.

      Boxing gloves are constructed of premium Mexican leather to provide an even punching surface and sleek outer appearance.
      Utilize custom horsehair and foam blend filling to allow optimal power transference.
      Handcrafted carefully for superior quality and comfort.

      EverFresh(Everlast Technology):
      Sweat without smelling like it.
      Everlast's EverFresh™ antimicrobial properties guard against odor and skin irritation, while extending the life of your product by fighting the growth of bacteria and microbes.

      THUMBLOK(Everlast Technology):
      Correct thumb positioning.
      Complete hand protection by keeping your thumb and knuckle correctly placed and secure in your glove.

      RED 8oz: P00000850 10oz: P00000851 10oz LXL: P00000852
      BLACK 8oz: P00000853 10oz: P00000854 10oz LXL: P00000855

      Material: Leather
      Color: Black, Red
      Weight: 8, 10, 10XL oz (ounces)
      # EVMXFG

      ColorBlack, White, Red
      Weight (KG)0.7 kg
      Product TypeGloves
      Weight (OZ)8 oz, 10 oz, 10oz XL