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      Everlast Boxing Gloves Protex3 EverGel Hook & Loop EVPT3TG

      Boxing Training Gloves | Sparring Gloves | Heavy Bag Gloves


      Perfect bag techniques with the Protex 3 thumbless design.

      Wrist stabilization technology system features a revolutionary anatomical triring foam collar system that protects against hyperflexion while stabilizing the wrist.
      Top-grade genuine leather provides ultimate durability.
      Equipped with a removable full elastic sheath that prevents injury when sparring.

      EverCool™ (Everlast Technology):
      Stay cool under pressure.
      The ventilation systems and breathable fabrics that compose Everlast's EverCool™ performance technology are the ultimate source of body temperature regulation.

      EverDri™ (Everlast Technology):
      The ultimate in moisture manegment, EverDriwicking optimizes your comfort and endurance levels.

      EverGel™ (Everlast Technology ):
      EverGel™ technology provides state of the art cushioning and protection for the hands, knuckles and wrists; it also dissipates impact energy.

      Protex3™ (Everlast Technology):
      The exclusive Protex 3 Wrist Stabilization System features an anatomical three-ring foam collar system that protects against wrist hyperflexion while stabilizing the wrist to provide the utmost in protection and comfort.

      4-C Foam (Everlast Technology):
      More power & protection in every punch.
      Everlast's Contoured Closed-Cell (C4) Foam Technology guides your hand into a natural fist position.
      C4's added layer of high-density foam provides greater cushioning, support and force dispersion for superior protection during training.

      THUMBLOK(Everlast Technology):
      Correct thumb positioning.
      Complete hand protection by keeping your thumb and knuckle correctly placed and secure in your glove.

      Material: Leather
      Colour: Black
      Weights/Size: 12 oz Regular, 12 oz XL, 14 oz Regular, 14 oz XL, 16 oz XL
      # EVPT3TG

      Weight (KG)0.85 kg
      Product TypeGloves
      Weight (OZ)12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz
      SizesSM, LXL