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      Everlast Boxing Gloves 1910 Classic Training ECTG

      Boxing Hook and Loop Training Gloves


      Training like an athlete begins with equipment that conforms to your active lifestyle.
      Hit the bag with full force and precision using Everlast’s 1910 Classic Training Gloves.
      The critically acclaimed boxing glove line has amped up their classic, premium leather design with modern fitting and engineering.
      Using the dynamic innovation of EverCool, EverDri, EverFresh, and EverShield, athletes can punch, jab, hook and uppercut in any level of training.
      Look forward to cushioned knuckles and wrists for your protection, as well as breathable ventilated palms to regulate your body temperature.
      The laser etched detailing of the authentic Everlast logo gives this pair of gloves the presence of a champion as you step up to the bag or walk into the ring.
      Everlast 1910 Classic Training Gloves are ideal to use towards boxing, sparring, and any other boxing-inspired workouts.
      Start getting the most out of your workout or training session; your opponent won’t know what hit them.

      Ventilated palm improves airflow and comfort.
      Laser etched detailing.
      Genuine leather construction.

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      Blue 12oz: P00001714 14oz: P00001715 16oz: P00001698
      White 12oz: P00001705 14oz: P00001710 16oz: P00001712

      Material: Leather
      Weight: 12, 14, 16 oz
      # ECTG

      ColorBlack, White, Blue, Red
      Weight (KG)0.85 kg
      Weight (OZ)12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz