Cleto Reyes Боксерские Бинты K616

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      Cleto Reyes Боксерские Бинты K616


      • Надежно предохраняют кисть от травм
      • Удобство крепления
      • Эксклюзивное качество

      Цвет: Черный, Красный
      Материал: Хлопок
      Размер: 5.7cm x 4.5m
      # K616

      Cleto Reyes Boxing Handwraps K616


      • High compression tape with hook and loop closure.
      • Hand and wrist protection for training and for fights.
      • High quality composition for repeated use.
      • Tape with hook and loop closure provides firm support and easy fitting.

      Colour: Black, Red
      Material: Cotton
      Size: 2.25" x 5 yd.
      # K616

      BrandCleto Reyes
      Product TypeAccessories
      ColorBlack, Red
      Weight (KG)0.2 kg