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      DJI Quadcopter Mini 2.0 Fly More Combo

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      DJI Mavic Mini 2 compact folding quadcopter with 4K camera and 3-axis mechanical stabilization.
      The main advantages of the model: the maximum flight time of 31 minutes, the maximum video transmission distance of 720p - 10 km, a variety of accessories for creative shooting from the air, intelligent functions, including prompt automatic photo processing.

      The DJI Mini 2 is the perfect drone for beginners.
      Powerful, efficient and equipped with a great camera, this compact drone will bring you many luxurious videos in terms of content and quality.
      And for that you only need a few touches and good ideas for shooting.

      Ultra lightweight and foldable.
      31 minutes of flight time.
      Video transmission over 10 km.
      Wind resistance 5 points.
      4K video.
      Intelligent modes.

      Lightness and freedom in everything
      How light is the DJI Mini 2?
      It weighs less than 249 grams, which is comparable to the weight of a medium-sized apple.
      See how easily this miracle of technology fits in an ordinary woman's palm.
      The compactness and convenience of the Mini 2 make it your indispensable travel companion and help you capture the best experience of new places.

      High performance
      The paradoxical combination of compact size and high performance level is surprising.
      The Mini 2 can fly up to 31 minutes on a full charge, which is incredibly long for this type of drone.
      During this time, you will have time to create your ideal video or series of photos.
      At the same time, the drone is not afraid of the wind of the 5th level of strength, and the drone itself can rise to a height of 4 km.
      So you can fly almost anywhere.

      OcuSync 2.0 system
      The Mini 2 features the second generation of the OcuSync video transmission system.
      It has proven itself well on newer DJI drone models and has enabled many pilots to overcome the limitations of older flying cameras.
      Judge for yourself. The Mini 2 is now capable of supporting high definition video transmission at distances up to 10 km.
      At the same time, high-quality and clear data transmission is also ensured by advanced anti-interference technology.

      High quality images
      The quadcopter is equipped with a 12 megapixel camera and a gimbal with 3-axis stabilization.
      It is a great tool for creating high quality visual content.
      Shooting stabilized 4K video at 30 frames per second has never been so easy and convenient.
      the bottom of the press of a button - and you will completely immerse yourself in wonderful memories.

      Two panorama modes
      Love breathtaking landscapes?
      Want to impress your friends with unique views? Use 180 ° wide panorama or spherical panorama mode for this.
      Just select the function you want, launch your DJI Mini 2 into the sky and it does the rest.

      4x zoom capabilities
      The 4x zoom will help you take a unique picture without getting close to a distant and / or dangerous object.
      You can easily change the distance, the composition of the future frame, without putting your life and health in potential danger.

      High quality photo
      Now you don't have to spend a lot of time preparing only high-quality photos for publication.
      With the DJI Fly app and its built-in smart frame optimization technology, you can share your work almost instantly.
      As soon as you upload photos to the app, it will automatically improve their quality.

      QuickShots for efficiency
      QuickShots will help you master many of the tricks of aerial photography in no time.
      With just a few taps, your DJI Mini 2 will automatically record video or capture the high level you want.
      There are also special shooting modes at your service: Dronie, Helix, Rocket, Circle, Boomerang.

      Ease of Management
      Controlling the DJI Mini 2 while filming from the air is now even easier and more convenient with a carefully optimized user interface and smart features.
      Thanks to the automatic return to base function, automatic takeoff and landing, and other operations, the pilot's work has become even more rational and safe.

      Flight routes
      What if you don't yet know where to fly? With DJI Fly and the new Mini 2, you won't have these issues.
      Now you can safely discover new places and plan new routes without losing your taste for adventure.

      Fast transfer
      When the Mini 2 is near your smartphone, the DJI Fly app will automatically recognize it and connect to the aircraft.

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