Dfit Treadmill Maxima II HRC GV-5056

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      Dfit Treadmill Maxima II HRC GV-5056

      Sport Training Gear


      Sports aerobic simulator for jogging or walking indoors, simulates a running track.

      Treadmill Type Electric
      The folding system rises up
      Motor power 4 l / s
      Noise level is low
      Speed 1 - 22 km / h
      Speed adjustment step 0.1 km / h
      Automatic tilt angle 0-22
      Maximum user weight 170 kg
      Shock Absorbing System 8 Reinforced Elastomers
      4-layer running belt
      The size of a running cloth is 520 x 1410 mm
      Heart rate measurement with hand sensors Yes
      Heart Rate Measurement Yes
      Cardiopulmonary Pulse Measurement (Polar) Yes
      Built-in fan with console control
      Voltage 220 Volt
      Number of programs 48 including HRC and Body Fat
      Console Speed Change Yes
      Change of speed on handrails yes
      Console tilt yes
      Changing the angle of inclination on the handrails yes
      Presence of MP3 audio input yes
      Presence of USB audio input yes
      2pcs speakers London acoustics
      ABS housing plastic
      Floor compensators yes
      Travel system: 2 wheels
      Web lowering system: gas shock absorber

      A computer:
      5 inch LCD display type
      Display backlight blue
      Display Information English
      Console Indications: Time, Speed, Distance, Pulse, Calories, Programs
      Total 48 programs including HRC and Body Fat
      Speed Buttons Yes (3.69 km / h)
      Buttons for quick selection of the angle of inclination yes (3,6,9%)

      Dimensions & Weight:
      Track size in working condition (L-W-H) 1900 mm x 820 mm x 1420 mm Track size in folded state (L-W-H) 1000 mm x 820 mm x 1500 mm
      Package Size, (L-W-H) 1900mm X 820mm X 300mm
      Net 92 kg
      Gross 99 kg

      Options and Warranty:
      Silicone grease yes
      Security key yes
      Wireless Polar T-34 Cardio Sensor
      Running belt adjustment key yes
      Assembly Key Set Yes
      The instruction manual in Russian
      2 year warranty
      The equipment complies with the European requirements of the safety standard EN 957-1 and EN 957-5, class HC, certificates ISO9001, GS, CE and RoHS

      # GV-5056

      Product TypeHardware
      Weight (KG)99 kg