Adidas Originals Обувь Pro Model 071480

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Buy Adidas Originals Обувь Pro Model 071480

мужская обувь (кроссовки) men's footwear (footgear, shoes, sneakers) # 071480
article #071480
sold out
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Categories: 阿迪达斯原件篮球鞋   Retro  

      Adidas Originals Обувь Pro Model 071480

      Баскетбол Мужские Кроссовки Ретро Стиль


      Баскетбольные кроссовки классический стиль.
      Не маркая подошва.
      Эта версия изготовлена из прочной кожи.

      Цвет: Белый
      Материал: Кожаный Верх / Резиновый Носок & Подошва
      # 071480


      Adidas Originals Footwear Pro Model 071480

      Men's Basketball Shoes - Retro Style


      If it looks like a pro and plays like a pro, it must be the adidas Pro Model.
      Just lace 'em up and show the world how you roll, on court and off.

      • Full grain leather upper for comfort and soft feel
      • Rubber toe cap for durability
      • Herringbone pattern outsole for grip
      • Imported
      • Classic adidas style with upgraded cushioning and structure for great shoe on or off the court
      • Synthetic leather upper is supportive but lightweight and features the East All-Star logo
      • Hardy rubber shell toe for more protection and added durability in an area that takes alot of damage
      • Injection-molded EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) midsole provides flexible form fitting cushioning
      • adidas-Patented Torsion system provides feet with enhanced structural support and integrity
      • Non-marking herringbone rubber outsole won't scuff the court or let you slip

      Colour: Silver, Blue, White
      Material: Leather Upper/Rubber Toe Cap
      # 071480

      重量 (KG)1.1 kg