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      Cleto Reyes Boxing Shoes Mid CRZS

      Unisex | Available for Men and Women | Boxing | Boxing Footwear


      Light Boxing footwear specially designed for Cleto Reyes boxing Developed with the highest technology and strict quality standards Polyurethane insole, lightweight and non-slip rubber sole that reduces impact and generates greater stability for the boxer.
      A traditional rounded toe system, lace up at the front.
      Made of leather and suede giving a long resistance.

      Light footwear specially designed for boxing.
      Its design is ankle-length, made of cowhide with a combination of dotted leather.
      Integrated with a lightweight and non-slip polyurethane insole to reduce the impact on the ground or canvas.
      With laces that include Cleto Reyes lace-ups, which provide a more comfortable fit.
      The tip of the boot is rounded.
      They were designed with the best craftsmanship and high-quality material, handmade in Mexico.
      Manufactured under the strictest quality conditions in leather and all materials.
      Has a plastisol label on the outside of the boot.

      Material: Leather
      Color: Black
      Dimensions: 15×15×10 in (38x38x25 cm)
      Size, US: 7 (ZS25N); 8 (ZS246N); 9 (ZS27N); 10 (ZS28N); 11 (ZS29N); 12 (ZS30N)
      # CRZS

      BrandCleto Reyes
      Product TypeShoes
      Size (US)7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
      Weight (KG)1.1 kg