Century Boxing Bag Freestanding Wavemaster 2XL Pro with Scoring Zones 101771

Buy Century Boxing Bag Freestanding Wavemaster 2XL Pro with Scoring Zones 101771

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      Century Boxing Bag Freestanding Wavemaster 2XL Pro with Scoring Zones 101771


      Your attention is represented by a water-filled boxing bag Wavemaster PRO.
      The bag is designed for practicing punches and kicks.
      Due to the durable material, it is designed for strong and intense impacts.
      Inside the bag is high-density foam for shock absorption.
      The reduced base allows you to get close to the projectile and strike with maximum force without damaging equipment.

      Constructed with high-density foam padding for maximum impact absorption, the Wavemaster 2XL Pro has the most padding of any Wavemaster bag, as well as a longer strike zone for practicing kicks and punches.

      The tapered base provides an unhindered stance for athletes of all sizes.
      The bag and base are fixed in place and the base can be filled with water or sand.

      A water-filled bag can be installed at home or in the office without any difficulty: it is quite compact, and unlike boxing bags, it is very mobile: it can be taken to the country house or easily transferred to some other room, because its weight is not large in an unfilled form.
      If you manage to place it so that there is an approach from all sides, then you can work “in a circle”, that is, work out not only strikes, but also movement.
      The projectile is great for increasing the speed of the blow and its strength, because more arm and body strength can be put into the blow.
      It is also important that such a projectile almost does not deviate upon impact, so a series of 15-second so-called "explosions" can be carried out, and without a partner, who is often asked to hold the bag on the other side.
      For playing sports, especially for practicing striking techniques, you can safely purchase 2XL PRO, which is well-deservedly popular among buyers of sports equipment.
      Filling: high density foam for maximum shock absorption.

      Bag: 45.7 cm diameter , base height 132 cm
      Base: 71 cm diameter, base height: 36.2 cm
      In the assembled state, height up to 175 cm
      Box dimensions: 171x48x48 cm
      Color: Black
      Material: Vinyl
      # 101771

      Product TypePunching Bags
      Weight (KG)26 kg