Brain-Pad Mouth Guard Double-Row High Perfomance WPR-300 BPWRP3HP BK/BK

Buy Brain-Pad Mouth Guard Double-Row High Perfomance WPR-300 BPWRP3HP BK/BK

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      Brain-Pad Mouth Guard Double-Row High Perfomance WPR-300 BPWRP3HP BK/BK

      Brain-Pad Boxing Mouthpiece 2-Row High Perfomance WPR-300 BPWRP3HP BK/BK

      The Brain-Pad High Performance Model: WPR-300 mouth guard


      Recommended Protection for Punching & Kicking Combat sports where the head & jaw are considered legitimate targets for success.

      Also for the Big Guys in the grid-iron's trenches.

      Great for POWER LIFTING, and strength training. Offers platform to CLENCH FOR POWER and balance.

      Excellent Breathing - Breathe like never before - Clench & Breathe!

      E-Z On/Off Strap allows multi-sport use.

      • Protects both Upper & Lower teeth – Can be trimmed for comfort
      • Secures, Stabilizes, Cushions the lower jaw with dual thermoplastic design
      • Creates and - maintains a impact – Protective TMJ / Brain Safety Space
      • Tested and Proven to reduce impact energy 40% to the base of skull and brain
      • Covers and Protect braces - Not for smaller-sized competitors.
      • Best for increased Free-Breathing – “ Clench! and Breathe! “
      • Multi-sport strap/strapless model– Includes 2 straps
      • Improves/Recovers Performance and Strength
      • Includes Anti-Microbial hard storage Case with name label

      High Perfomance Series

      • Extra Firm thermoplastic sercures jaw creating TMJ/BRAIN SAFETY SPACE!
      • New STRAP-or-STRAPLESS design attaches to head gear or can be used Lanyard Style for Non-helmeted Sports!
      • Translucent Outer Thermoplastic secures vulnerable lower jaw - inner material absorbs impact energy!
      • Offers excellent, constant breathing! Never stop breathing again !
      • Recommended for Kicking sports, powerlifting, and for larger, stronger athletes.
      • Provides complete protection for upper and lower teeth.
      • Air channels in front allow for constant breathing.
      • Complete with carry case.

      Color: Black/Black

      # BPWRP3HP BK/BK

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      SportBoxing, MMA
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