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article #121015-0904
article #121015-0904
article #121015-0904
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article #121015-8052
article #121015-8052
article #121015-8052
article #121015-8052
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      Asics Long Down Jacket 121015

      Men's Winter Apparel


      Men's long, down jacket Asics Long Down Jacket.
      A warm down jacket with a hood.
      Lock the zipper hidden under the bar on the rivets.
      A pocket on the chest and two on the sides with a zipper.
      Cuffs on elastic massacre.
      High gate.
      Comfort and unrivaled protection against cold.
      This long sports jacket will provide you with an unrivaled level of comfort and will not pinch your movements.
      A long sports jacket will provide you with reliable protection against cold during frosty winter days.
      Warm filler and windproof fabric will reliably protect you from the cold and provide an unrivaled sense of comfort.
      The jacket is also equipped with comfortable side pockets with a zipper and a pocket on the chest for storing small items.
      Provides you warmth and comfort with polyester filling and windproof ripstop fabric, provides an excellent fit thanks to an ergonomic design, equipped with comfortable side zip pockets and a chest pocket for storing small items, a unique sporting image with stylish lightning contrasting colors, cold thanks to adjustable strap from below.

      # 121015

      Product TypeJackets
      SizeS, M, L, XL, 2XL
      ColorBlack, Blue
      Weight (KG)1.51 kg