Fight Expert Speedagility Speedladder XLP-4

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      Fight Expert Speedagility Speedladder XLP-4

      Workout | Coordinating Ladder


      The coordination ladder is one of the most common and effective training equipment in many sports!

      Used in martial arts, fitness, crossfit and in general sports exercises in all sports.

      Applicable for:
      Development of leg speed and agility.
      Control over the balance of the body.
      Synchronization of motor skills.

      Model Features:
      Maintains stability during training.
      You can adjust the distance between the crossbars.
      Suitable for individual and group lessons.
      Compact trainer that doesn't take up a lot of space.
      Includes bag for carrying and storage.

      Number of crossbars 8 pcs.
      The length of the track is 4 meters.

      Material: nylon, plastic
      Production: China
      Colour: Yellow/Black
      Size: 4m
      # XLP-4

      BrandFight Expert
      Product TypeAccessories
      Weight (KG)1.1 kg