Adidas Футбольные Перчатки Вратаря Blitz Linebacker II 993133

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Buy Adidas Футбольные Перчатки Вратаря Blitz Linebacker II 993133

adidas вратарские перчатки # 993133
article #993133
sold out
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      Adidas Вратарские Перчатки Blitz Linebacker II 993133


      Профессиональные перчатки вратаря.


      • Максимальная гибкость пальцев
      • Технология Soft Grip Pro (aнатомический проект изделия, приспосабливаемого под форму руки. Используется специальный силикон который улучшает прилипание).
      • Прочный материал обеспечит высокую долговечность.
      • Оптимальная фиксация на запястье.
      • Защита тыльной стороны руки.

      Цвет: Серый / Белый
      Материал: Синтетика / Текстиль
      Размер: S, M, L
      # 993133

      Adidas Goalkeeper Gloves Blitz Linebacker II 993133


      You're quick, tough and ready to rock the competition... Now, if you could only get a grip. Let us help you with that. Check out the adidas Blitz Linebacker II men's gloves. These heavy-duty linebacker gloves will let you death grip whether you're blitzing or running man-to-man. Linebackers are versatile, and the last thing the leading tackle for the team needs to worry about is whether you're able to hang on to the enemy.Put on your adidas Blitz Linebacker II men's gloves and forgettaboutit. The silicone coated palm offers long-lasting grip, while the quilted knuckles allow for great flexibility, giving you maximum range, like there aren't any gloves there at all. Go for the best, not the bulky, with the adidas Blitz Linebacker II men's gloves!

      • Silicone coated palm gives you long life and excellent grip
      • Quilted knuckles provide maximum flexibility
      • Palm and back of hand are padded for protection
      • Contoured wrist closure improves fit
      • Durable synthetic and textile construction

      Colour: Grey / White
      Material: Synthetic / Textile
      Size: S, M, L
      # 993133

      Weight (KG)0.4 kg