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Categories: Adidas Boating   Sailing  

      Adidas Boating Shoes Boat Climacool 362651

      Boating Rowing Footwear

      Product Categories: Outdoor | Boating

      If you find yourself hanging with T-Pain and Sandberg, chances are you'll end up on a boat.
      Why not be prepared with the adidas Boat ClimaCool men's boating shoes?
      They're built for boating, plain and simple.
      Skip the unreliable "flippy floppies" and go for a champion of the deck.
      These adidas Boat ClimaCool men's boating shoes feature the ClimaCool ventilation system that keeps your feet comfy and offers maximum drainage and ventilation, letting you concentrate on the mermaids.
      Pick up yours today!


      • ClimaCool upper offers maximum ventilation and moisture control
      • Synthetic upper is lightweight and very breathable
      • Grippy outsole grabs the deck in wet and dry conditions
      • Easy-peasy slip on style
      • Comfortable cushioning throughout

      ClimaCool® (Adidas Technology Footwear):
      ClimaCool® is a system combining moisture-managing materials and ventilation in key areas for efficient evaporation of sweat that helps regulate body temperature for improved efficiency and comfort.
      Every ClimaCool® shoe is built with a fully-ventilated mesh upper and breathable sock liner to ensure maximum airflow.

      Color: Black, White
      Material: Textile, Synthetic
      # 362651

      Weight (KG)0.7 kg