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      Winning Boxing GEL Handwraps KVL

      Gel World Fist Wrap | Speed Wraps


      Tight wraps that are popular with boxers of all ages and levels.
      Worn under punching gloves as an alternative to bandages for added protection.
      They are also used for light work with a pear, paws.
      Velcro fastener secures the bandage to the wrist.

      Size : W 3cm × L170 × H 8mm and Small or Regular

      Small = Small size is suitable for a woman and boys.
      Regular = Regular size is suitable for general men.

      How to use
      1. Put a hand in a bandage.
      2. Bind a wrist, the back of the hand.
      3. Finish!

      Color: Black
      # KVL

      Product TypeAccessories
      SizeS, M
      Weight (KG)0.3 kg