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      Title Wall Mount Heavy Bag TWMHB

      Equipment for Boxing Gym


      The ideal training bag for home or gym use, especially when space is a concern or to take advantage of extra wall space.
      Throw every offensive weapon in your arsenal with jabs, hooks, uppercuts, straight shots, elbow strikes, kicks, knees and much, much more.
      Professionally contoured full grain leather bag is triple stitched at the seams and comes complete with raised target zones for top level training.
      The bag measures 24" tall by 16" wide with a 16" deep top (head) and 8" deep bottom (midsection).
      Full metal frame is designed for easy installation in wood stud or masonry walls.

      Color: Black
      Weight: 30 lbs.
      Size: 24" Tall X 16" Wide X 16" Deep (Top) X 8" Deep (Bottom)
      # TWMHB

      Product TypeHardware
      Weight (KG)13.6 kg