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      Title Body Protector Gel GPBP

      Body Protector | Protective Vest Coach


      Discover the GEL Advantage!
      New and exclusive Gel Enforced Lining® makes for the most comfortable, protective, anatomically correct and top-of-the-line training protector ever worn.
      Almost 3" of multilayer special cell padding protects the trainer like a bullet proof vest, while the more than 1/2" outside GEL Target Zones offer the athlete the utopia in power, precision, speed and incredible life-like impact resistance.
      Friends, if you want to experience the premier workout where the trainer and athlete alike are blessed with the GEL Advantage, look no further.
      Complete with moisture wicking inside liner, completely adjustable shoulder and back nylon straps, and exclusive adjustable GEL shoulder pads for the final crowing touch.

      Colour: Red/White/Black
      Size: One Size Fits Most
      # GPBP

      Product TypeHardware, Punching Mitts
      Weight (KG)2.2 kg