Reebok Бокс и MMA Боксерская Установка 3-в-1 BBK20700F

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Категории: RBK Боксерская Экипировка   Принадлежности  

      Reebok Бокс и MMA Боксерская Установка 3в1 BBK20700F

      RBK Боксерская Станция 3 в 1 BBK20700F

      Размер установки : 1750 x 1150 x 2450мм

      Вес: 215 кг

      Reebok 3-in-1 Boxing Station BBK20700F

      RBK Boxing and MMA Station 3 in 1 BBK20700F

      The Reebok 3-in-1 Boxing Station has been developed to withstand the heaviest punishment in professional environments.

      This heavy duty station requires no extra weight or supports to keep the frame in place when in use. The RBK 3-in-1 Boxing Station includes an RBK Speed Ball Platform with a solid 40mm block board platform. The platform is fully adjustable in height and has a safety pin to allow you to secure the chosen position.

      Supplied with a floor to ceiling attachment, it can also be used to support a Combination Bag. A heavy duty arm is attached to the front of the station for heavy bag work and the wide angle of the feet allows bag movement without obstruction. Designed to be very stable during extreme boxing training.

      The 215kg weight of the unit provides total stability.

      Tough, hard wearing platinum powder coated finish.

      Rubber feet included to reduce vibration and protect the floor. (ESCPAD)

      Size of station: 1750 x 1150 x 2450mm

      Warranty: 3 years against manufacturing defects. Warranty covers the steel frame only and does not include consumable items including springs, hooks and swivel boards.

      Punchbags, speedball and chains sold seperately.

      Тип ТовараHardware | Оборудование
      Вид СпортаBoxing | Бокс
      Вес215 кг