Fighting Sports Боксерский Шлем No Contact FSCHG

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Категории: Fighting Sports   Защита Лица Шлем  

      Fighting Sports Боксерский Шлем No Contact FSCHG

      Бокс Защита Головы | Защитная Дуга | Защита Носа/Лица


      Максимальная защита.
      С этим бампером ваше лицо гарантировано защищены от ударов.
      Защита ушей и затылочной области.

      Материал: Кожа
      # FSCHG

      Fighting Sports Boxing Headgear No Contact FSCHG


      Perfect for athletes that want to spar without the face contact!
      Fully molded plastic face bar is surrounded with a trio of sponge foam, and high and low density foams for a comfortable no penetration barrier.
      Fully padded forehead, ears and back with a full grain leather shell for an unbeatable training headgear.
      An adjustable chin strap, top and back Velcro closure provide a custom fit for all users.
      A soft, smooth and durable inside liner allows athletes to wipe clean between uses.

      Material: Leather
      # FSCHG

      БрендFighting Sports
      Тип ТовараHeadgear | Защита Головы
      Вид СпортаBoxing | Бокс
      Вес0.6 кг