Cleto Reyes Боксерские Лапы REPM

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      Cleto Reyes Боксерские Лапы REPM


      Удобное крепление для рук.
      Комфортный отсек для пальцев.
      Материал - натуральная кожа премиального качества.
      Легкий пенный наполнитель позволяет дольше сохранять форму.
      2 шт. в комплекте.

      # N700 (REPM)

      Cleto Reyes Boxing Punch Mitts REPM

      Boxing | Focus Pads


      Individual finger compartments and hook and loop wrist strap fit for firm and secure movements and grip.
      Long-lasting lightweight foam padding that keeps its shape.
      Manufactured with leather.

      Classic traditional Cleto Reyes all-leather punch mitts that trainer's have demanded for decades.
      Tough, rigid, light inner foams with flexible shock absorbing properties for working every facet of offensive punches and strikes.
      Unique wraparound wrist strap keeps mitts securely on trainer during usage.
      Train like the pros with Cleto Reyes.

      # N700 (REPM)
      БрендCleto Reyes
      Тип ТовараPunching Mitts | Лапы и Макивары
      Вид СпортаBoxing | Бокс
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