Rehband Tights Contact Compression Wear Tank 503036

Buy Rehband Tights Contact Compression Wear Tank 503036

article #503036
article #503036
article #503036
article #503036
article #503036
article #503036
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      Rehband Tights Contact Compression Wear Tank 503036

      Unisex Apparel | Tights for All Sports

      Thigh Braces & Support | Thigh Support Clothes | Tights & Shorts Volleyball | OCR (Obstacle Course Race) | Soccer | Handball | Floorball | Basketball | Rugby | Endurance sports


      Protecting and compressing tights for enhanced performance.
      Compression Tights by Rehband with in-built padding for hip, thigh, tailbone and knee area to protect from impact during exercise and contact sports.
      The tights are the perfect combination of a compression and performance enhancement product designed to give complete freedom of movement.
      The compression fabric transports moisture away from the skin and helps regulate temperature. Compression accelerates blood flow to deliver more oxygen to active muscles helping to reduce tiredness and increase performance.
      Ideal for contact sports including basketball, rugby and football goalkeepers.

      Muscle containment for performance boost
      Less muscle fatigue and faster recovery through increased proprioception
      4 way stretch for anatomical fit and focused compression
      Even impact shock distribution
      Designed for high comfort
      Breathable lightweight material for temperature control
      Perfect to wear under your kit during training
      Contact – The new generation of sport compression wear for empowered performance. Contact takes protection and compression to the next level and keeping you safe on the field.
      These powerful garments provide optimal support and minimize fatigue and muscle soreness in order to improve your performance and boost recovery.
      They’re tailored for an ultimate fit and flattering design.
      The highly breathable material ensures a superior level of comfort.
      Building on Rehband’s long-standing experience in anatomic design, the Contact offer premium compression whilst maintaining flexibility of movement. The perforated protection pad, disperses the impact pressure evenly while keeping the athlete dry. Put them on and embrace your powers!

      Small (S): 90 - 96 cm.
      Medium (M): 96 - 102 cm.
      Large (L): 102 - 108 cm.
      eXtra Large (XL): 108 - 114 cm.
      2 eXtra Large (2XL): 114 - 120 cm.
      3 eXtra Large (3XL): 120 - 126 cm.

      Function: Compression, Warmth
      Sports: All Sports
      Side: Unisex
      Material: 16 % Spandex, 84 % Polyester, EVA Foam
      Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
      # 503036

      SportBasketball, Extreme, Floorball, Football, Handball, MMA, Muay Thai, Rugby, Training
      Product TypeCompression, Tights
      Special forKnee, Thigh
      Weight (KG)0.51 kg
      SizeS, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL