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article #7757
article #7757
article #7757
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      Rehband Knee Strap Core Line 7757

      Knee Support | Unisex Support | Basketball


      The patellar tendon support is recommended for knee pain below or behind the kneecap (patella).
      This kind of knee pain is primarily caused by overuse and shortened thigh muscles.
      Targeted pressure on the patellar tendon reduces loading of cartilage and kneecap.
      The patellar tendon support is specially designed for endurance athletes to reduce pain.
      The support counteracts pain development and pain increase by effective reduction of pressure on the patellar tendon insertion (kneecap tendon).
      A patella tendon support designed to reduce pain on or below the knee cap.
      Knee strap designed to be used in reducing pain underneath or behind the knee cap (patella) generally caused by overuse or shortened thigh muscles.
      The Rehband Knee Strap works by applying targeted pressure on the patella tendon helping to relieve any build up of tension in the cartilage or knee cap.
      Developed with Neoprene, the knee strap is specially designed for endurance athletes or people suffering the effects of Schlatter's Disease or Jumper's Knee.

      When measuring ensure that the knee is slightly bent (about 30° flexion), based on the central part of the patella and measure the circumference (cm) around the knee joint.

      Small (S) / Medium (S/M): 27 - 35 cm.
      Large (L) / eXtra Large (L/XL): 35 - 43 cm.

      Core Line (Rehband Product Lines):
      Core Line is specially developed for athletes and seriously active people.
      To put if briefly, it's a more defined sport range than Basic Line.
      With Core Line you get comfort, function and security in a whole new way.
      The 3D design gives perfect fit, the products offers warmth, compression and stability and you feel safe during exercise.
      Just like Basic Line, the products are available for all parts of the body, but we have also developed special products for handball, volleyball and other sports.

      Function: Compression
      Sports: Basketball
      Side: Unisex
      Material: SBR/Neoprene, Polyamide Jersey
      Size: S/M, L/XL
      # 7757

      Product TypeBraces & Bandages
      SportBasketball, Fitness, Training, Track & Field, Volleyball
      SizeS, M, L, XL
      Weight (KG)0.2 kg
      Special forKnee