Reebok Fitness Gym Ball 55cm RAB-40015

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      Reebok Fitness Gym Ball 55cm RAB-40015


      The gymnastic ball should be such that it simultaneously provides reliable support and mobility.
      If the ball is too hard or too soft, then the impact on the stabilizing muscles can be dangerous.
      Reebok balls are optimal when used both for training and just sitting at the table.

      Using the correct ball size is very important, some people think the bigger the diameter the better.
      In fact, the correct size of the ball depends on the height of the user, and affects the correct position of the back and hip joint.
      If you are shorter than 175 cm, you must use a 55 cm ball.
      From 176 cm to 195 cm - a ball of 65 cm, an increase above 196 cm - a ball of 75 cm is required.
      If you are going to use the ball to sit at the table, then you need to take the ball one size smaller so that there is no tension on the back of the thigh.

      The balls are made from high quality materials and will give you excellent results if you follow these rules: when inflating the ball for the first time, inflate the ball to 80% of its maximum size, then leave it overnight and add the remaining 20% the next day.
      This will make the surface of the ball smooth and durable.

      The shell of the ball is made according to a unique, specially developed technology, which provides a high surface resistance to deformation, reliable grip with the palm.
      Reebok balls are covered with a special anti-burst shell to prevent sudden bursting.
      This does not mean that it should be stabbed and hit.
      No, this is done so that in case of an accidental puncture, the ball does not explode, but deflates smoothly to reduce the risk of injury.

      Diameter: 55 cm
      Colour: Bicolor
      Maximum user weight: 110 kg
      # RAB-40015BK (grey-black); RAB-40015BL (gray blue)

      Product TypeBalls
      ColorBlack, Blue
      Weight (KG)1.7 kg