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      Reebok Boxing Paws RSCB-11150BK

      Boxing | Coaching Focus Pads | Punching Mitts


      If you want to build a well-organized training program, the “paws” of Reebok will be an indispensable fitness accessory.
      Regardless of your level of training, having a pair, you will definitely get an advantage.
      These high-quality “paws” from the Reebok Combat series have a very different front impact surface and combine durability and convenience.
      Practicing punches is a terrific form of training, which allows you to improve endurance, coordination and reaction, torso strength, and a couple of “paws” of Reebok will allow you to add boxing exercises to your program; Plus, training with a partner is an excellent form of activity and communication.
      Made of durable polyurethane and soft filler, the “paws” perfectly absorb the blow and provide protection to the hands, while the inner rounding on the palm allows you to comfortably hold the “paw” in the correct position and comfortably take the blows.

      Color: white, gray, purple, yellow
      Material: PU
      # RSCB-11150BK

      Product TypePunching Mitts
      SportBoxing, MMA
      ColorBlack, Yellow, Grey, Violet
      Weight (KG)0.7 kg