RDX Martial Arts Gloves T17 Aura Grappling GGR-T17GL

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      RDX Martial Arts Gloves T17 Aura Grappling GGR-T17GL


      Mixed martial arts fuses the most efficient and practical aspects of combat to create the perfect fighting form.
      These qualities are embodied in our latest Aura series.
      More than your ordinary pair of competition gloves, when you add Talon Tech to the mix, the advantage is almost unfair.
      Coupled with the Y-Molar architecture, ensure a vice-grip on anything you choose to grapple with.
      K-Guard feature extends the knuckle sleeve beyond the first phalange to reduce unwanted finger scraping and unnecessary pain.

      Kalix Skin – Turn some heads with the golden, pearl accents over a gun smoke black.
      This combat leather combats wear and tear and adjusts according to fluctuating temperatures.

      Shell Shock gel & Supremo Shock foam – A slab of our trademark shock-diminishing gel lines over 1-inch of soft Supremo-Shock padding.
      The malleability of these grappling gloves allows easy conformation to the hand’s intricate movements.
      This minimizes the need for pre-contouring fist alignment, in-turn promising seamless punch formation.

      Talon-Tech – Endless trials and tests of countless architectural concepts lead us to a grappling glove that is ‘almost’ perfect.
      Talon-tech creates natural spacing between the webbing of your hands to form a talon-like vice-grip on the target of choice.

      K-Guard – Extending over the initial phalange of your hands, unlike conventional MMA gloves, this pair was designed to keep your hands healthy and free from pesky scrapes and burns.

      Y-Molar: Gripping comes easy in these well thought out grappling gloves that assists in grip, fist-formation and allows the fists to breathe.

      Inner-Aura – Aura range comes with a sweat wicking lining that is stitched to greet and embrace your hands with quality.

      Material: Leather
      Color: Black/Multicolor
      Size: S, M, L, XL
      # GGR-T17GL

      Product TypeGloves
      SizeS, M, L, XL
      Weight (KG)0.51 kg