RDX Boxing Gloves Tri Korta 1.0 BGM-PFTK1

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      RDX Boxing Gloves Tri Korta 1.0 BGM-PFTK1

      Boxing | Lace-up competition gloves


      Unleash the dragon and incinerate all your opponents with RDX boxing gloves.
      Constructed with premium Super Skin combat leather on the outside for added durability and Dazzle fabric on the inside for breathability and comfort.
      These professional combat gloves feature the latest Tri-Korta 1 CASTING and Sponge X PACKING for maximum resistance to high intensity force.
      Compression EVA-LUTIONTM LAYER provides the best elasticity and softness without weighing you down.
      The tear-resistant and waterproof properties of this layer add extra strength.
      Polygonal Fusion MOLDING provides impact resistance, while Max Shock Equilibrium foam + Sponge X PADDING on the cuffs absorbs blunt impacts and evenly distributes their force over the entire surface of the gloves.

      Constructed with premium Super Skin Combat Leather to prevent wear and improve stamina.
      Dazzle fabric on the inside soothes the skin and provides breathability to keep hands cool.
      Tri-Korta 1 CAST and Polygonal Fusion FOAM provide strong shock absorption and shock dispersion to avoid injury.
      The combination of Sponge X PADDING makes the construction durable, while the compressive EVA-LUTIONTM LAYER provides maximum wear protection.
      Max Shock Equilibrium foam on the cuffs dissipates force evenly.

      Weight: 8, 10 oz
      Color: Black/Gold; Black/Silver
      Material: Leather
      Attachment: Laces
      # BGM-PFTK1

      ColorSilver, Gold
      Weight (KG)0.7 kg
      Product TypeGloves
      Weight (OZ)8 oz, 10 oz