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      Puky Scooter R 07L 5419 white/kiwi


      The PUKY® R 07 L is a scooter for advanced children from 5 years.
      The air-tired scooter PUKY® R 07 L with full-grown 12.5" spoke wheels convinces as an outstanding fun vehicle in a cool look for older children and adolescents.
      The snappy V-brake on the rear wheel also enables rapid driving maneuvers.
      This street scooter ideally combines driving pleasure with the training of complex motor-motive patterns that are so typical for scooter driving.
      So even the older ones make many new experiences of movement and have a sense of achievement, which certainly make this scooter a "favorite vehicle."
      The PUKY® R 07 L is available in black, white and berry.

      The classic PUKY® scooter makes children perfectly fit for the bicycle because it trains the child's sense of balance in a similar way like balance bikes, but also strengthens the leg and trunk muscles.
      With scooters running easily and safely, children not only expand their range of motion, but increasingly develop their sense of speed, steering and braking.

      Suitable for children from 5 years.

      # 5419 white/kiwi

      Product TypeSwimwear
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