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      Puky Vehicle Impellers LR Race 1724


      The Puky LR Race Runbike is a lightweight racing runbike for children aged 2.5-6.

      PUKY® runbikes have been produced only in Germany since 1949, which ensures their guaranteed high quality. Their design and ergonomics are thought out to the smallest detail, so the child is easiest to start learning at Puky.


      Puky LR Race Runner - an all-aluminum runner with a sports frame, weight is only 3.2 kg.

      Stylish, bright, lightweight, compact, the LR Race has everything you need and nothing more. Ball-steered steering, excellent-speed pneumatic tires, ideal weight, sports frame and ergonomic sports saddle with handle for support.

      Puky LR Race has a large adjustment and saddles and steering wheel in height, which allows the use of a bike for children from 2.5 to 6 years. The steering wheel is adjusted using a set of rings. On the steering wheel are high-quality grips with a protective edging. Aheadset steering column with shockproof protection.
      The runbike frame has an impact-resistant powder coating for a long service life.

      - For growth from 90 to 115 cm
      - Weight: 3.2 kg (in the box 4.9 kg)
      - Adjustable seat height 32 - 41 cm
      - Seatpost 27 mm
      - Adjustable steering wheel height 50 - 52 cm
      - Aluminum frame, aluminum fork, aluminum rims
      - Ergonomic soft seat with training handle
      - 12.5 '' inflation tires
      - Aheadset steering column with shockproof protection
      - Steering handles with a protective edging
      - Size 88 × 16 × 58 cm
      - Designed and manufactured in Germany
      - Extended warranty of 5 years upon activation after purchase
      - For assembly, you will need an Allen key # 5. Keys not included
      “The new Puky tires have a modern AV nipple, so any bike pump, such as the lightweight Puky HP-25 9473 hand pump with integrated AV / DV adapter, will do.
      - Important! Starting in 2016, delivered without caps for nipples in accordance with the new European standards (EN71-1)

      # 1724

      Product TypeVehicles
      ColorBlack, Blue, Red, Yellow
      Weight (KG)4.9 kg