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      Ottobock Acro Comfort Shoulder Support 5055

      Elastic thermoregulatory shoulder strap with additional outer straps


      Made of comfortable, thermo-regulative material.
      Anatomic design eases application and optimal fit.
      Integrated silicone band for improved grip to prevent sliding of the orthosis.
      Directional straps to individually adjust to the requested mobility settings.
      Universal to the left or right side.

      Modern materials for superior comfort
      The Acro Comfort shoulder brace stabilizes the shoulder joint and limits unwanted movements in case of pain, swelling, inflammation or the initial stage of arthrosis.
      The anatomically precise cut provides a snug fit around the shoulder area.
      Thermo-regulating PCM material provides reduced perspiration and skin comfort.


      Damage to the musculo-ligamentous apparatus of the shoulder girdle.
      Shoulder hypermobility, habitual shoulder dislocation.
      Shoulder osteoarthritis.
      Rehabilitation after injuries, surgeries and inflammatory diseases in the area of the shoulder joint.
      Increased stress on the shoulder joint (for example, when playing sports), injury prevention.


      Provides light fixation and support for the shoulder and shoulder joint.
      Prevents excessive shoulder mobility.
      Improves proprioception (joint-muscle feeling) and promotes active stabilization of the shoulder joint by coordinating the work of one's own muscles.
      Reduces or eliminates pain.


      Anatomically precise cut provides a snug fit around the shoulder area.
      The outer bands allow you to precisely fit the band and adjust the degree of fixation.
      The inner silicone coating prevents the bandage from slipping during physical exertion (for example, when playing sports).
      PCM® thermoregulatory material provides thermal comfort.

      Size | Circumference at the middle third of the shoulder (cm)

      XS 24-28
      S 28-32
      M 32-35
      L 35-38
      XL 38-42

      # 5055

      Product TypeBraces & Bandages
      Special forShoulder
      Weight (KG)1.1 kg
      SideRight, Left
      SizeXS, S, M, L, XL