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      Ottobock Malleo TriStep® 50S8

      Ankle Bandage | Ankle Brace


      • Innovative therapy concept with a systematic, phase-adapted treatment approach
      • Phase adaptation offers optimal continuous treatment in three healing phases
      • Developed in cooperation with the "Clinical Excellence Circle" group of experts
      • Addition and removal of the functional and stabilizing elements allows for individual adaptation and adjustment at any time during the therapy
      • Efficient support of the healing process through the Malleo Move training program developed by Dr. Gösele (Crossclinic Basel)

      Current numbers indicate that about 10,000 people in Germany alone are affected by an ankle injury each day. These result in strain trauma, partial rupture, or rupture in the capsule-ligament apparatus of the upper ankle. 30% of all patients suffer a recurrent injury within 3 years. For active athletes, this figure is as high as 73%. It has been scientifically proven that chronic complaints occur independently of the severity of the original ankle injury. Even 7 to 8 years after an ankle injury, up to 32 % of patients still suffer from pain in the ankle region.

      This demonstrates that the current treatments are suboptimal. In order to counter these risks, Otto Bock developed an absolutely unique treatment approach – the Malleo TriStep® - in conjunction with the " Clinical Excellence Circle", a group of experts including doctors, therapists, orthopaedic technicians, biomechanics, and engineers.

      The high degree of wearer comfort is attained mostly through an auto-adaptive foam insert. Thanks to this design, the Malleo TriStep® adjusts optimally to the given anatomy. Special slits in the lateral stabilising elements in the area of the malleoli prevent unhealthful pressure sensations.

      In addition, the Malleo TriStep® is easy to handle. The functional and stabilising elements can be added or removed in a few easy steps without the use of tools. On the one hand, the hook-and-loop closures offer custom attachment and adjustment possibilities, since all of them are adjustable in length. On the other hand, the adjustability of the hook-and-loop closure allows for the orthosis to be opened fully, making it easy to put on.

      Three-phase treatment concept of the Malleo TriStep®

      The innovative Malleo TriStep® multifunction ankle orthosis facilitates systematic rehabilitation of the capsule-ligament system of the ankle through a three-phase treatment concept. Through phase adaptation, a single orthosis is used to achieve an optimal adaptation to the patient requirements in every stage of the therapy:

      Phase I – Immobilisation and stabilisation

      In the first 3 days after the acute injury (inflammatory stage), immobilizing the foot is essential in order to allow inflammation and swelling to subside. The orthosis is worn with all components. The foot cup and pronation strap, which pulls the foot to the outside and brings the injured ligament ends closer together, places the foot in a 90° neutral position with slight exterior rotation. Weight bearing on the foot should be kept below the pain threshold, through the use of crutches if necessary. During this phase it is absolutely essential to wear the foot shell day and night.

      Phase II – Stabilisation

      During the 2nd treatment phase (proliferation phase) the focus is on increasing mobilization under controlled loads. The muscular stabilization of the ankle is improved and further subsiding of the swelling is supported. Now the foot shell is removed during the day, but should be worn as a positioning splint at night so that the feet don't fall into an interior rotation position when you lie on your back. This places significant strain on the healing tissue structures on the outside of the ankle. There is even a risk that ligaments which healed during the day may rupture again. At the beginning of this healing phase, the multifunction orthosis is reinforced with the red stabilization elements, since they ensure the required stability of the ankle in conjunction with the semi-flexible strap. As things progress the red elements are exchanged for the more flexible grey ones in order to increase freedom of movement.

      Phase III – Sensomotoric support

      During the last therapy phase (remodulation phase) only the bandage is still used through the step-by-step removal of the stabilizing elements. The grey stabilization elements and/or the stabilization strap can continue to be used optionally (e.g. during sports) and the foot shell can be used at night. The best possible muscular stabilization of the ankle and the further improvement of mobility, coordination, strength and performance are attained through the accompanying training program, which was developed by Dr. Gösele (Crossclinic Basel) and has proven itself well for professional athletes. Even after the actual rehabilitation, the orthosis can be used for support and to prevent recurring injuries, especially during sports.


      • Acute and chronic capsule-ligament instabilities, ligament insufficiencies and injuries of the upper and lower ankle, as well as severe distortions and anterior talofibular ligament ruptures
      • Peronaeal tendon disorders and injuries
      • Inflammatory and degenerative Joint disorders of the OSG/USG with recurrent irritation or chronic Reactive effusions
      • Postoperative use for phase-adapted Protection and rehabilitation after Ligament reconstruction


      Three-phase therapy concept. Specific adaptation of stabilisationand support for mobilisation duringthe course of therapy.

      Stabilising elements adapt to theindividual anatomy. Custom fit and high level of wearer comfort,

      Anatomically shaped foot shell, can be thermoformed if needed. Provides stability, especially in critical phases such as during sleep or in the acute phase.

      Length-adjustable hook-and-loop closures. The orthosis opens fully for comfortable, pain-free entry.


      • Ankle sprains
      • Lateral ligament ruptures
      • Acute and chronic capsular ligament instabilities
      • Inflammatory degenerative joint disorders
      • Chronic reactive effusions
      • Recurrent irritation
      • Ligament reconstruction


      • Phase-adapted ankle joint stabilisation and support
      • Limits eversion/inversion/plantar flexion
      • Reduces the risk of recurrent injuries

      Size | Circumference heel + instep (cm, inch)

      • XS 25.5–29.0; 10.0–11.5
      • S 29.5–31.5; 11.5–12.5
      • M 32.0–34.0; 12.5–13.5
      • L 34.5–36.5; 13.5–14.5
      • XL 37.0–39.0; 14.5–15.5

      Size: XS, S, M, L, XL
      # 50S8

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