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      Ottobock Knee Brace Patella Pro 8320

      Dynamic Patellar Realignment


      Thanks to the globally patented dynamic patellar realignment technology, there is a new solution for anterior knee pain.

      At a glance:

      Pain can be alleviated thanks to the targeted tracking of the patella in all flexion angles.
      Scientific study confirms targeted tracking of the patella.
      Fit for everyday use.

      The terms anterior knee pain and patellofemoral pain syndrome summarise a number of symptoms that cannot be assigned to any specific structure.
      Around 25 percent of all knee problems can be attributed to this indication. (For further information, please refer to the Product information under Documents.)

      With the Patella Pro, Ottobock now offers a new solution for this area.
      Thanks to the innovative dynamic realignment technology, Patella Pro medialises the patella in the relevant flexion range.
      It is unique in providing functional guidance for the patella for normal, everyday activities.
      Patella Pro can be used conservatively as well as postop.

      Often, pain is caused by problems associated with patellar tracking. The objective is to reposition the patella, so it moves correctly.
      The risk of improper guiding is particularly high for lower flexion angles of 10-30°, when the patella is not guided much by the patellofemoral groove.
      This is exactly where Patella Pro starts working and where it tracks the patella.
      The frequently inflamed soft tissue is relieved and knee pain is alleviated by the functional relief of joint structures.
      The pressure from the tracking system does not increase with the increasing flexion angle.
      This prevents the kneecap from tilting and the thus increasing pressure on the joint facets.


      Patellofemoral malalignment.
      Femoropatellar pain syndrome.
      Retropatellar arthrosis.
      Chondropathia/ chondromalacia patellae.
      Following patella luxations and subluxations.
      Following patella tendon injury.
      Following lateral release operations.

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