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      NordKapp Set LS Thermal Underwear Arctic NTUA

      Men's Clothing | Long Sleeve Tops & Pants Set | Thermal underwear


      NordKapp Arctic 900 is a series of thermal underwear with Merino Wool wool (wool of merino sheep) designed specifically for hunting, fishing and winter tourism in conditions of low and medium physical activity.
      Due to the minimal thickness, the suit goes well with any clothing, both with a fairly spacious tactical and with ordinary everyday.
      Does not hinder movement, which is especially important for every hunter and fisherman, when every second is important.


      Anatomical tailoring;
      Three-layer structure (cotton, synthetics, wool);
      Dries quickly;
      Antibacterial impregnation;
      Merino Wool (wool of merino sheep) - the outer woolen layer perfectly retains body heat, removes moisture from the middle layer, promotes its accelerated evaporation due to its fibrous structure.
      Polypropylene - inner layer, this material wicks moisture away, evenly distributes it over the entire surface of the suit for more efficient evaporation.
      Polycotton (polycotton) - inner layer, high-tech fabric of a new generation, polycotton is not only very pleasant to the skin, but also 100% hypoallergenic.
      Nanosilver - a special antibacterial impregnation with silver ions, prevents the development of bacteria, fungi and mold in the fabrics of the suit, allows you to forget about the unpleasant odor.

      The principle of operation of Arctic underwear Thermal underwear works on the principle of a thermos, the air heated by the body is retained by a layer of fabric, thus it is possible to minimize heat loss.
      And, the denser the thermal underwear adheres to the skin, the higher, in the end, its effectiveness.
      A person begins to sweat a lot during intense physical exertion, all this moisture gradually accumulates in the fabrics of traditional linen, as a result of which its performance is significantly reduced.
      In the case of thermal underwear, this does not happen, a well-thought-out structure allows you to effectively remove moisture from the surface of the body, and you, in turn, will always feel warm and comfortable.

      Size XXS (42) XS (44) S (46) M (48) L (50) XL (52-54) XXL (54-56) XXXL (56-58) XXXXL (60-62)
      Breast volume, cm 80-84 84-88 90-94 96-98 102-104 108-110 116-120 126-130 130-148
      Waist, cm 60-66 68-72 74-78 80-84 86-90 92-96 100-104 110-114 114-120
      Hip girth, cm 82-86 86-90 92-96 98-102 104-108 110-114 118-122 128-132 132-140

      Set: sweatshirt + pants
      Outer layer: 100% merino wool
      Middle layer: 100% polypropylene
      Inner layer: 100% cotton
      Flat seams.
      Temperature range: winter
      Fabric layer: three-layer
      Country of origin: Finland
      # NTUA

      Product TypeLong Sleeve Set, Thermal Underwear
      SizeS, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL
      ColorBlack, Green
      Weight (KG)0.6 kg